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CUBE 2020

CUBE 2020


With its media partners LES ECHOS and BUSINESS IMMO, challenge CUBE 2020 provokes and assesses atteignables energy savings by a building during one year, by mobilizing the first two levers most immediately lucrative of the performance of a building: a better technical operation and the mobilization of his occupiers for more sobriety.

Ispired from its famous US version “Battle of the Buildings”, on the initiative of IFPEB and on collective ambition of the directors to explore the effects of a gamification as motor or catalyst of the energy transition in commercial buildings, the competition started thanks to partnerships of excellence, with FRENCH ELECTRICITY COMPANY (EDF), BUREAU VERITAS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC and POST IMMO.

Labelled COP21, CUBE 2020 fully sticks to the logic of green lease and to the CSR policies led by more and more firms and benefits from public support (QUANGO Plan Bâtiment Durable, Conseil Immobilier de l’Etat (State Property Roundtable), Ministries in charge of energy and accommodation) and of the support of ADEME (French energy agency).


In the privileged frame of experts’ accompaniment and the comfort of a calculation tool for energy performances, adapted to requirements of a national competition, participating firms could inscribe one or several buildings in the second edition of the competition, urging them so to reduce their energy consumption over one year and to mobilize their teams on the stake of energy savings.

Competition sets out to promote more than technical performance and optimization, and encourages the involvement of the users, the new collaborations lessors-users, the draft of Energy Managers, in the perspective of a permanent inscription of energy as an axle of progress in organizations …

Moreover, CUBE 2020 declines its classifications in specific categories, where the buildings of various sizes, usages and exploitation levels can distinguish themselves if the general classification does not do the trick: competitors can be situated among rivals confronted with comparable stakes.

Bronze, silver, and gold, the candidates of the first edition had been numerous to be awarded a prize, and if the medal of platinum didn’t come out -despite a champion who reached 20,9 % of aggregate savings in 2014-, the second edition seems to carry candidates on a about 25 % trajectory!


A sociological investigation coordinated by IFPEB and delegated by ADEME is led on the first edition of the competition to identify new levers of energy management for commercial buildings.

In the course of  summer 2016, the Institute will set out to translate and publish its conclusions to offer new and permanent patterns exceeding the frame “competition” of CUBE 2020, likely to transform sustainibly the energy consumption of commercial buildings.

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