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How to mobilise the occupant? The sense of control

The sociological feedback from the survey “Sociocube”, a study led on the 1st edition of the CUBE 2020 contest (a one-year energy efficiency competition between buildings), shows the basic psychosocial factors to get an environment-friendly behaviour change at work from employees. Sociologists have notably addressed the issue of the “perceived behavioural control”, which is the […]

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Tenants – owners might collaborate. Fine, but how?

“I, landlord, collaborate with my tenant on an energy savings project” Europe, according to the second report on the state of the energy union[1] is more or less in line to reach its famous “3×20” energy and carbon target by 2020. Today new goals are in sight from the “Clean Energy for Europe” package at […]

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Why you should study energy flexibility in buildings

What is it ? Is it useful to get ready for it ? « On a fresh and sunny Monday morning in the winter of 2023, a huge iconic building, the headquarter of a well-known company, hosts 1500 associates willing to warm up and kick start the day. Without knowing it, the building has been charged […]

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